Personal Finance: Biggest UK Tax Burdens to Watch out for

The UK ranks high when comparing developed countries and their tax burdens. Speculations have been that the exit of Britain from the EU will give it freedom to implement fair taxes on its inhabitants. However, until that happens, individuals are faced with several taxes with some of them weighing very heavily on the pockets of ordinary residents. The distribution of the tax burden varies upon many factors such as the income of a taxpayer. The following taxes are some of those with a big impact on personal finance. National Insurance Contributions and income tax are the two biggest burdens with some taxpayers spending almost 40% of their earnings.
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Hey, manager! It’s all about the sale

Hey Manager! It’s All About the Sale!

Doing business in a lighting fast digital environment can be distracting. You have to worry about a host of new metrics previous generations never had to deal with. Brand management, platform development, likes, clicks, social sharing, impressions, transference, reviews. A single bad social media review can derail your entire week if it’s impactful enough. But that doesn’t mean you have time to forget the brass tacks basics of your job. It’s all about sales, friend. Never forget it!

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Employees Charged, Walmart Questioned After Shoplifter Killed

Walmart has been in the news lately, and not for the best of reasons. Local PDs and sheriff’s departments are complaining that the company is doing such a poor job of self-policing that they are making far too many visits to the big box retailers on a daily basis. The cops say the stores are not doing nearly enough to prevent shoplifting. Instead, they depend on cops to catch the bad guys when it happens … and it happens way too much. Continue reading