When Growing Your Business, Company Culture is Key

When Growing Your Business, Company Culture is Key

Whether you know it or not, your company has a culture. When fostered in a positive manner, your company’s culture can be one of its most valuable assets. A company culture left unguided, however, can lead to stagnation, employee frustration and an unpleasant work environment. Here are a few of the reasons why your company’s culture is so important for its growth. Continue reading


Employees Charged, Walmart Questioned After Shoplifter Killed

Walmart has been in the news lately, and not for the best of reasons. Local PDs and sheriff’s departments are complaining that the company is doing such a poor job of self-policing that they are making far too many visits to the big box retailers on a daily basis. The cops say the stores are not doing nearly enough to prevent shoplifting. Instead, they depend on cops to catch the bad guys when it happens … and it happens way too much. Continue reading

Red Tesla driving on the road

Can Tesla Achieve the Dream of Affordable Electric Cars?

Tesla succeeded with the electric car. Now they have to take the next step, and make one that’s affordable for the masses. Or … at least some of them. When rumors first surfaced that the company was working on a more affordable electric car, folks could not wait to reserve theirs. When Tesla announced the Model 3 would be available as soon as next year, people got even more excited. Continue reading

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How to Effectively Market A Product

Introducing a product to the market is the most important and expensive endeavor you will undertake when starting a new business or adding to an existing product line. That’s why you must take the proper steps in marketing and advertising your product to ensure your success. Start by creating a name and logo that is consistent with your brand, memorable and easily identifiable, and then follow these procedures when marketing your product.  Continue reading