What Does a Commercial Credit Analyst Do? by David Milberg

What Does a Commercial Credit Analyst Do?

A commercial credit analyst is frequently referred to as a risk analyst. This is a career that is great for a person who is excellent with numbers and has an interest in business. Specifically, a commercial credit analyst helps a company to prosper. The goal of this type of professional is to determine whether a company has the ability to pay back any loans by examining and analyzing the company’s financial documents and history. Generally, a commercial credit analyst works for a government agency, bank or other financial institution, occasionally in the area of commodity brokerages or securities. They usually work with a team and have a lot of interaction with clients and managers. Continue reading

David Milberg - 3 Characteristics of a Good 401(k) Plan

3 Characteristics of a Good 401(k) Plan

3 CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD 401(K) PLAN by David MilbergIn today’s wild world of economics, retirement savings are becoming rare. As Social Security and other pension programs continue to be in peril, more and more employees are realizing the important role their 401(k) plan will play in having a financially secure retirement. However, while many workers have a 401(k) plan as part of their benefits package, they often know little if anything about how to make these benefits work to their advantage. If you find yourself nearing retirement or in its early planning stages, here are three characteristics to look for when seeking a good 401(k) plan.
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Have the Olympic Games lost their luster?

Have the Olympic Games lost their luster?

There was a time when major world cities lined up, absolutely clamored to host the Olympic Games. A winning bid meant bragging rights, international prestige, and one more reason for a city to feel good about itself, culturally and economically. In those days, even a losing bid was a step up the international ladder. Being considered in the small number of finalists was a big deal. But those days may be over. Continue reading


Personal Finance: Biggest UK Tax Burdens to Watch out for

The UK ranks high when comparing developed countries and their tax burdens. Speculations have been that the exit of Britain from the EU will give it freedom to implement fair taxes on its inhabitants. However, until that happens, individuals are faced with several taxes with some of them weighing very heavily on the pockets of ordinary residents. The distribution of the tax burden varies upon many factors such as the income of a taxpayer. The following taxes are some of those with a big impact on personal finance. National Insurance Contributions and income tax are the two biggest burdens with some taxpayers spending almost 40% of their earnings.
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